What can I say other than WOW

I have mentioned my association with Chiho Kinkaid acupuncture ( Smedley street) in a previous post

above is the wonderful Chiho 

This week I had a reason to visit her of my own ...

HAYFEVER ! sneeze sneeze itch itch sneeze 

Any sufferer will tell you just how annoying and uncomfortable it is, so I won't bore you with that. I will however tell you to 
THROW AWAY your chemical filled antihistamines and go and visit Chiho.

I felt instantly at ease inside Chiho's clinic after filling in a brief consultation form and having a chat about my health I layed on the couch and chiho explained to me about the needles (very tiny needles) lol I was memorised at how she found painful parts I didn't even know I had !!!!! 

Next come actually placing the needles ..... oh my is this going to hurt eeeek .... 

I felt the tiniest of tiny sharp scratch and that is it nothing else and to be quite honest I could have fallen asleep I was so relaxed. 

The best bit ... after only 1 treatment my hayfever has virtually gone ! yep 1 treatment WOW 

I have been recommended 3 and I have my follow up this Saturday but so far I am over the moon ! 
I only have a slight runny nose but nothing like before 

THANKYOU Chiho Kinkaid you are truly amazing 

please see http://www.chihoacupuncture.co.uk/

Amazing prices Amazing lady with Amazing results