All of our products are from natural origins and we use only premium purely plant derived ingredients. We never use paraffin, petrolatum, petro-chemicals, parabens or any other synthetic ingredients that not only have no nutritional benefit for your skin, but have also shown to have a long term damaging impact on your skin and health.

Our products are free of the most common allergens such as artificial colour and fragrance, however, some people may find they are sensitive to essential oils which are contained in some of our products. Any substance, natural or chemical, is capable of triggering sensitivities - some of which you may not even know you had! We always list the complete ingredient listings next to the products we stock, in plain English, so if you know you are sensitive to certain ingredients you can check whether or not they are in our product.

Please note that natural products can often trigger a 'detox reaction' or a 'healing response' for the first few days of use; you may notice increased redness in the skin or outbreaks. In most cases this is a normal & healthy response and is an indication that your skin is responding to the therapeutic properties of the product. If you would like further advice please get in touch!



We like to keep things simple, and produce naturally pure and effective products that are honestly priced. There are no bells and whistles, just good, pure, honest products, delivered to you with love. 


We never compromise on quality and source the highest quality natural ingredients to achieve the most effective results. Our products are handmade in small batches to ensure freshness when they reach you.


We do everything we can to offer the best customer service. We aim to act quickly, and effectively, and to ensure that the highest standards of customer service are maintained at all times. We try never to let you down in all that we do, but if something’s not right, email us.


We are constantly on the lookout to improve our amazing formulas. We continue researching, testing and developing to ensure that our formulas contain the best and latest skin care innovations.